Antibacterial Surface Sanitiser

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Our surface sanitiser is a hospital grade product developed to sanitise at the highest level while being eco friendly and safe. Use as often as needed to keep your environment safe both at home or at work.

Non scented this is a food safe product and is suitable for sanitising all hard surfaces and even cutlery, chopping boards etc

🦠 Antimicrobial: Our formula is designed to kill germs including bacteria, spores and viruses within seconds, keeping your home or office safe and healthy. Tested to destroy hard to kill germs including norovirus and MRSA. Tested for effectiveness against coronaviruses, E.Coli and fungal spores.

🧹 Non Tainting: Unscented and safe for use in food preparation areas or in hospitality.

🌿 Eco-friendly: Our formula is made with pet safe, biodegradable ingredients and is safe for the environment, making it the perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers.

💪 Effective: One of the most effective sanitisers currently available independently tested against dozens of viruses, fungal spores and bacteria.

Can be used on all hard surfaces including walls, table tops and food prep surfaces.

Bactericidal Quaternary Ammonium Compounds make this an extremely effective disinfectant ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, canteens and other areas where a clean & safe surface is essential.

    Instructions for use:

    Using a spray apply directly to surface, leave for 30 seconds and using a clean microfibre cloth wipe down. 

    Can be used on all hard surfaces to disinfect. Suitable for ULV and Area Fogging.