About us

Ethical - Effective - Innovative

For nearly a decade Serenity products have been trusted by schools, businesses and medical institutions to protect against dangerous bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Our range of sanitiser products utilise the latest technology developed as a response to the Covid crisis while combining ingredients and methods proven over many years of research. Our Viresist product provides up to ten days of antimicrobial protection on a surface and has been adopted by ambulance providers and educational establishments to provide the best possible protection for staff and clients. Serenity Hygiene is a wholly owned brand of Optimal Hygiene Limited based in Southampton, England.

What we stand for:

  • We never test on animals. It is our view that animal testing is barbaric and unnecessary. Our products do not contain animal derivatives.
  • We reduce our packaging and waste wherever possible. This is an ongoing mission for us and we welcome all suggestions.
  • Passion, determination and creativity in everything we do. 


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