Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate

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Serenity Heavy Duty Degreaser is the perfect solution for a variety of deep cleaning tasks. It has been specially formulated to remove even the toughest soiling.

🦠 Perfect for deep cleaning of kitchen appliances such as ovens, grills and hobs as well as surfaces including all work tops, tile work and sink areas.

🧹 Concentrated: Our concentrate formula allows you to customise the strength of your cleaning solution, making it perfect for all types of hard surfaces. Up to 250 litres made per bottle!

🌿 Eco-friendly: Our formula is made with biodegradable ingredients and is safe for the environment, making it the perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers.

💪 Effective: Our formula is tough on oil and grease, stripping it away for a deep clean.

🏥Highly effective cleaner designed to remove soils and grease. Can be used on worktops, floors, walls, paintwork, equipment, sinks, drains, washrooms, lavatories, waste bins, etc.

A specially formulated food safe heavy duty hard surface cleaner designed for the most arduous of tasks – the cleaning of hard surfaces in a wide variety of industrial environments – including the food processing industry, where its main use is the removal of fatty and protein deposits

Can be used on all hard surfaces to degrease and clean. Including walls, floors, engine parts, bike chains etc

Instructions for use:

Dilute as required for application.

Using a spray apply directly to surface, leave for 30 seconds and using a clean microfibre cloth wipe down. 

Machine spray buffing – fill the spot sprayer with 50/50 solution of cleaner, spray onto the floor and machine off immediately with a polishing brush nylon pad.

For pressure washing mix 1 part to 4 parts water in the detergent tank.
For car washing add 4fl.oz to a bucket of water, sponge the car, then hose off with clean water.

For mopping follow dilution rates below mix with warm water.

 Dilution Rates:

  • For Heavy Duty Cleaning Use 1:20 (250ml per 5 litres warm water)
  • For General Routine Cleaning Use 1:40 (125ml per 5 litres warm water)
  • For Light Duty Cleaning Use 1:50 (100ml per 5 litres warm water)