Granular Water Softener Salt 10kg Tub

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 Granular Salt 10kg Tub

for water softeners and dishwashers. Ideal for refreshing and regenerating all types of water softeners that use granular salt, including dishwasher internal softeners. Packaged in handy dispenser tub with sealing lid and carry handle for easy storage. Contains an anti-caking agent to ensure salt does not stick together during storage.

  • Granular Salt 10kg Tub
  • For water softeners & dishwashers
  • Ideal for manual regeneration water softeners
  • Suitable for internal dishwasher softeners
  • Food grade pure dried vacuum salt (99.99% NaCl purity)
  • Complies with BS EN 973:2009
  • Contains anti-caking agent
  • Granule size 0.2-0.6mm approx