Why Choose Serenity Products?

Not all hygiene products are created equal. Many claim to kill germs but there are wildly varying degrees of effectiveness and it is essential to know the difference when dealing with potentially lethal bacteria or viruses.

Did you know that a product claiming to kill 99.9% of germs leaves around 1 in 10 bacteria alive? The speed of recolonisation of bacteria means that within one day a single surviving bacteria cell can reproduce up to 6 million new individual cells on untreated surfaces.





At 99.9999% only 1 in 1,000,000 bacteria survive. This is the level of performance our products can achieve.

Once bacteria is destroyed either on skin or on a surface it is important to prevent reinfection which can occur from something as simple as touching a door handle or contaminated surface. Most sanitisers have no residual effect but ours are tested to protect for up to 6 hours on the skin or as long as 30 days on a hard surface.


In addition many products traditionally used to kill germs such as alcohol based sanitisers have little effectiveness against viruses or certain resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA and C.Diff which cause hopsitals so much trouble.

As well as being far more effective than most other products we are firmly against animal testing and ensure that development of all our range meets high standards for ethics and sustainability.

Clostridium Difficile