Sanitiser Totems

Hand sanitiser is a permanent fixture in our society and very few organisations have really embraced that reality. We have all seen the wall dispensers mounted on plastic or cardboard stands outside supermarkets and shops. Some of them have logos printed on them but they are almost without exception temporary solutions put together in haste to meet an impossible demand. Is this really how you would like to represent your company and your brand? Our advanced hand sanitiser totems were designed from the ground up to meet the long term demand of a post covid world. In addition they are beautifully engineered and wrapped in to the highest specification to represent your brand. 

   Utilising the latest display technology on an android platform not only can you offer your customers sanitising facilities but you can also offer an interactive experience on either a 15 or 18 inch touch enabled screen.  Advertising to your customers or communicating with your staff with anything from immersive video content through to fully interactive web enabled applications.

Suitable for use in museums, restaurants and hotels, coffee shops and corporate headquarters. Serenity Display Totems are engineered to last and dispense our alcohol free, skin safe sanitiser gel up to 10000 times between fills. 

Serenity Display Totem
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