Why you should use Serenity products in healthcare settings?

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Why you should use Serenity products in healthcare settings?

It is no surprise that healthcare environments including hospitals, care facilities and doctors surgeries are among the most important places to control bacteria and viruses. However, advice is often out dated or insufficient and confusing as to how exactly to adopt best practice for hand hygiene. 

The number one cause of infection in hospitals is poor hand hygiene and busy healthcare workers need the simplest yet most effective solution to carry out this vital yet routine practice. 

NHS guidelines state the following in relation to alcohol based hand sanitiser.

Alcohol hand rub (alcohol gel or foam)

Alcohol hand rub can be used on visibly clean hands as an alternative to a routine/social hand wash and is the preferred means for routine hand antisepsis (

Alcohol hand rub:

  • Will not remove dirt and organic matter and can therefore only be used on hands that are not visibly soiled.
  • Is NOT effective against Clostridium difficile and Norovirus. When caring for a patient with either of these organisms, hands must be washed with soap and water.
  • Soap and alcohol-based hand rub should not be used concomitantly.
  • Should not be used prior to handling medical gas cylinders because of the risk of ignition.
  • When applying alcohol hand rub leave to dry naturally on the skin.
  • Hands should be washed with soap and water after several consecutive applications of hand rub.

Lets compare Serenity hand sanitiser with alcohol based products

Alcohol Based Serenity Non Alcohol
Effective against C.Diff & Norovirus
No Yes
Can handle medical gas cylinders No Yes
Damages skin with repeated use Yes No
Lasting protection after application No 6 Hours
Flammable Yes No
Needs second product to moisturise Yes No
Can be used where alcohol is forbidden No Yes


Independently tested to destroy bacteria including E.Coli , Listeria, MRSA and C.Difficile as well as Norovirus. Serenity products are proven to significantly reduce infection in healthcare environments compared with alcohol based solutions. In addition due to no secondary product being required for moisturising and the much smaller amount of product required there is an appreciable cost saving as well. 

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