Norovirus infections as lockdown finishes

Norovirus -

Norovirus infections as lockdown finishes

Norovirus is deeply unpleasant and highly contagious. It is called the winter vomiting bug but doesn't just happen when it gets cold. Norovirus is debilitating and dangerous and its seeing an increase in transmission across the country, especially in nurseries and school settings.

The virus is transmitted from hand to mouth primarily and so the best way to avoid getting this nasty bug is to practice good hand hygiene. As always, washing your hands is the first port of call but when you don't have access to hand washing facilities you need to be aware that alcohol hand sanitiser is useless against norovirus . Unlike coronavirus which can be easily deactivated by alcohol based sanitisers, norovirus is virtually immune.

If you want a hand sanitiser that DOES work against norovirus (and coronavirus) then replace your alcohol product with Serenity foaming hand sanitiser which is tested to deactivate norovirus within 30 seconds.

If you are an education facility or nursery then drop us a message in the comments and I will send you a free sample. If you are a parent then please send your kids to school with the right sanitiser. Believe me you do not want them getting norovirus anymore than you want them getting Covid!