Coronavirus: Bad Advice and Supply

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Coronavirus: Bad Advice and Supply

With the spread of Coronavirus there is a lot of bad information out there and this includes the advice to use only alcohol based sanitisers. Alcohol based sanitisers at either 40% or 80% ethanol are still not as effective as our alcohol free sanitiser. Rigorous testing has meant our sanitiser complies to BS/EN 14476 which is the standard European testing for virucidal effectiveness. We are currently undergoing testing to certify against Coronavirus and will add this to our list of certifications alongside the testing to kill Ebola. 

Alcohol based sanitisers are better than nothing but they are not as effective as a good Benzalkonium Chloride based alcohol free sanitiser. 

The best advice is firstly to wash your hands with soap and hot water often and thoroughly and then for additional protection use an alcohol free hand sanitiser tested to BS/EN 14476. 

With no alcohol content you can use our hand sanitiser as much as you wish without damaging your skin. Don't fall for the lazy media line or the outdated information being propagated. Serenity advanced hand sanitiser DOES work and we can prove it!


Current levels of supply are under pressure due to raw materials such as bottles and chemical agents at unprecedented levels of demand. Our 500ml foaming bottles should be available at end of April now. Currently the 5 litre alcohol free hand sanitiser is available and we anticipate it will continue to stay that way. Manufacturing is at capacity though and while we have put on extra staff and processes delivery times will be effective. Please be assured we are working hard to get orders out but we do beg your understanding and patience in this current emergency. 


Raw materials have increased in price due to demand, in some cases over doubling. Unfortunately we cannot maintain our usual price point as these costs are not in our control. We will do our best to maintain a reasonable level of pricing but once again beg your understanding in this global emergency.