Centre feed Blue Roll 2 Ply 150 Meter (Pack of 6)

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Centre feed Blue Roll (Pack of 6)

2 Ply 150 Meter Rolls

Centre feed blue roll is the perfect paper hygiene disposable for kitchen use. Thanks to a high strength, super absorbent 2 ply paper and a cost-effective price point, it is ideal for cleaning surfaces, mopping up spillages and drying your hands. The blue colour is also great for commercial kitchens, as it is highly detectable.

The centre feed design of our blue roll makes it easy for use with all existing centre feed dispensers, the rolls can also have the core removed so that the paper can be fed through the centre and easily dispensed without snagging or rips, making it ideal for cleaning whilst moving around.

  • Centre feed Blue Roll
  • Increased 150 Meter Length Rolls
  • 2 Ply super Absorbent Blue Paper
  • Sold as Pack of 6
  • Removable core
  • Fully recyclable
  • CHSA Approved
  • Ideal for commercial kitchens

Removing Core from Centre feed Rolls:

To remove the core from blue centre feed, simply place the blue roll on a flat surface and turn it so you can see the join in the core. Place your thumbs inside the core and whilst gripping the blue roll, apply firm pressure until the core begins to come away at the join. Once the join is broken you can easily pull the cardboard out, leaving just the blue centre feed.