Polybond Syn Oxide Synthetic Anti Corrosive Paint

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SYN-OXIDE is a solvent-borne protective finish formulated for interior and exterior use. It provides a semi-gloss finish that combines excellent opacity with good weather resistance, making it particularly suitable for the long-term protection of metal and agricultural buildings.

  • A hard-wearing solvent-based semi-gloss finish Extremely durable.
  • For interior/exterior use on metal. 
  • High opacity.
  • Based on a long oil linoleic rich alkyd resin.



Recommended for use on structural steel work, metal-sheeting,
weathered galvanise. Particularly suitable for the long-term
protection of metal and agricultural buildings.


Suitable for use on farm buildings, hay barns, corrugated
iron roofs, and all structural steel work. SYN-OXIDE can be
used as a general-purpose protective coating on any type of
normally prepared surface, so long as it is sound clean, dry,
and free of contaminants. Oil and grease must be carefully
removed using white spirit and clean cloths. Remove all
scale and rust by scraping and wire brushing or other
conventional means. If the surface has been previously
painted any loose or defective paint must be completely
removed back to the bare metal.

Note: Special precautions should be taken during surface
preparation of pre-1960s paint surfaces over wood and
metal as they may contain lead (Pb). Use in accordance with
good painting practices.


As a guide a coverage rate of up to 15m2 per litre
can be achieved under normal conditions.


Brush, roller, or airless spray.

Brush – No thinning normally required. Apply liberally
allowing overnight drying between coats.

Roller - Use a short pile Sheepskin or Mohair roller for best
results. Under normal conditions thinning is not necessary.

Airless Spray - Dependent on equipment and application
conditions, thinning is not recommended. The following are
recommended: Spray tip aperture: 13-15 thou (0.33-0.38mm)
- Spray tip angle: 50º - 70º - Minimum working pressure: 2000psi.

This product may be spray applied but for H&S reasons
related to all solvent-based paints, spray application is not recommended.

As with other solvent-based paints, do not apply in temperatures below 5ºC (as recommended by British Standard BS 6150).