Scented Sanitiser Multi Pack - 4 Amazing Scents!

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  • £15.00

Multipack of 4 delicious scented hand sanitiser. 

Each 100ml bottle will last for at least twice as long as alcohol gel, won't ruin your skin and is far more effective at protecting you from germs. 

Pack contains:

1 x Mint and Eucalyptus 100ml - fresh and crisp

1 x Rhubarb and Custard 100ml - memories of the sweet shop!

1 x Seagrass and White Lotus 100ml - Delicate floral fragrance

1 x Winter Spice 100ml - Cinnamon and Pumpkin notes

So many people are still suffering with alcohol sanitiser ruining their skin and stinking of cheap tequila, don't be one of them!
Alcohol free foam sanitiser is tested to the same standards as alcohol gel BUT it is also tested WAY beyond it. Yes, our foam destroys coronavirus but it also kills resistant bacteria like MRSA and C.Difficile, Fungus and even viruses that are immune to alcohol such as norovirus.
Oh and did you know that foam lasts at least twice as long as alcohol gel? You get at least double the squirts! Better AND less expensive!