Heavy Duty Degreaser 5 Litre

  • Save Money!
  • £26.99

  • Perfectly suited for degreasing and deep cleaning engines, machine parts and industrial equipment safely and effectively
  • Clean Ovens, Barbecues, Tile work and floors quickly and easily
  • Biodegradable, cost effective and safe to use. One amazing product multiple uses
  • Excellent for clean up of heavy soiled areas, workshop floors & walls.
  • Brilliant for car washing, clears grime and traffic film

Serenity Heavy Duty Degreaser is the perfect solution for a variety of deep cleaning tasks. It has been specially formulated to remove even the toughest soiling.

- Perfect for deep cleaning of kitchen appliances such as ovens, grills and hobs as well as surfaces including all work tops, tile work and sink areas.

- Amazingly effective cleaner for smoke stained walls and ceilings

- Strips away grease, traffic film and dirt from engines, workshop floors and surfaces

- One powerful product, multiple applications

- Biodegradable & Cruelty Free

- Available as a refillable spray or a 5 litre bottle, far more effective than products twice the price!

Instructions for use:

This product has been formulated to degrease and clean heavily soiled industrial floors, but is also suitable as a general purpose cleaner.

For hard surfaces ie. Walls, paintwork and tiles.

For spraying add 1 part water and wipe off with a damp cloth.

For pressure washing mix 1 part to 4 parts water in the detergent tank.
For car washing add 4fl.oz to a bucket of water, sponge the car, then hose off with clean water.

A specially formulated food safe heavy duty hard surface cleaner designed for the most arduous of tasks – the cleaning of hard surfaces in a wide variety of industrial environments – including the food processing industry, where its main use is the removal of fatty and protein deposits. Its high alkali levels along with its combination of amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants ensure rapid removal of most types of soiling, including rubber from factory floors. It may be used in both high pressure washers and steam cleaners.


Machine spray buffing – fill the spot sprayer with 50/50 solution of cleaner, spray onto the floor and machine off immediately with a polishing brush nylon pad.

For mopping add 1 cup to a bucket of water ( 2 Gallons).