Spill Absorb Instant Spill Clean Up

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Serenity Eco friendly spill absorbent granules instantly soak up liquid spills leaving a surface completely clear with no slip risk.

Quickly absorbing spills reduces the chance of cross contamination and transmission from bodily fluids, allowing for more effective containment and efficient use of disinfectants and sanitisers.

The granules are harmless to plant and animal life and will not cause harm in waterways or to marine life. Dispose of them in the same way as the material absorbed

Simply surround the spill by shaking the granules around it, cover the spill with the granules and then agitate with a brush. The spill will be absorbed and locked into the granules safely and cleanly.

Essential safety product for areas where there may be a slip risk from spilled liquids. Has been found to reduce slip accidents by two thirds!