Polybond PVA Adhesive, Sealer & Concrete Additive

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Polybond is a universal product for use with practically every type of building material. It is a safe, effective and easy to use adhesive, an efficient sealer and a cement additive producing concretes of quite exceptional quality and adhesion. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and almost odourless.

Polybond may be applied by brush, roller, spray gun, squeegee, soft broom, etc. All equipment should be washed thoroughly with clean water immediately afterwards. When using Polybond as an adhesive, the bond should always be made whilst it is still wet and tacky.

Technical Specification

Polybond Universal is a medium viscosity homopolymer emulsion of Vinyl Acetate. The emulsion is stabilised with polyvinyl alcohol and is plasticised with 10% (on polymer solids), of a dibenzoate blend.Properties and ApplicationsPolybond Universal has good adhesive properties to a wide range of substrates, such as wood, concrete, paper etc. It has pseudoplastic flow characteristics and good storage stability. Undiluted, it passes the requirements of the bond strength test contained in British Standard 5270:Part 1:1989.

Suitable application areas include:

Additive for concrete, cement, plaster and all screed materials to increase bonding and product hardness qualities.

Priming and sealing all porous surfaces including Plaster, concrete floor, bricks, wood distemper and lime wash surfaces.

Additive to poor quality water based paints to dramatically increase adhesion.Glue / Adhesive for adhering Wood, paper (incl. wallpaper overlap), glass, plastic.Floor and wall tile adhesive.

Plastic wood for repairs for wood joints etc.

Sticking down carpets and stopping fraying of carpet ends.

Stopping the unravel of rope ends.

Mixed 50/50 with cement to make excellent concrete repair material